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Just like in sports, the world of fashion is very competitive. Men’s and women’s athletic shoes have become a dressing staple. Brands and designers do not stop creating innovative models to be their favorites. Find out about the 5 best brands of sports shoes at Footlocker and the models in fashion below. Do not forget to grab the best price offer on the Footlocker discount code.


A brief history of sports footwear 

The origin of sports shoes dates back to the end of the 18th century when rubber manufacturers decided to use their surplus for other products besides bicycles and car wheels. Thus, the first designs were very simple and rudimentary: the soles were made of rubber, while the upper part was made of canvas. It was not until the end of the 19th century that they began to have a soul of their own. On the other hand, this shoe consisted of a light shoe with a very thin sole, which differs greatly from current models in which the platform has increased significantly.

The first sports models that began to be marketed were called Keds, manufactured by the U.S. Rubber Company more than 120 years ago. Its meaning was due to “silent footwear,” and in 1917, the basketball shoe was created. 

In the 1950s, sports shoes were used by the youngest, but today this shoe has no age. Both older and younger people use them. 

Sports shoes have found a new direction; in the remote past, sports activities were carried out with bare feet or using rough shoes daily. 


Sports footwear makes a strong appearance to dress men and women with proposals made of leather or fabric, always in line with the latest technological innovations.

The most important thing for an outdoor adventure is the right equipment, especially footwear, which helps athletes achieve their goals and conquer the mountains. That is why fans of outdoor activities always wear top-quality trekking and hiking boots on their excursions since they have a series of special elements and characteristics to protect the foot and ankle even in the most adverse conditions. What are you waiting for?  

The 5 best brands of sports shoes  

Today, the Footlocker store is full of attractive footwear models that impact fashion. Sports shoes are light, resistant, and flexible. In addition to that, the manufacturing materials are characterized by being of high quality. Technological innovations even improve athletic performance. Here is a summary of the top 5 sports shoe brands of the moment: 

  1. Nike 

Nike is considered the best brand in the world in sports shoes. This brand conveys the feeling of achieving incredible things in its creations, from sportswear for men and women to sports items and equipment. Its association with Michael Jordan proves the quality of Nike. 

Although Nike makes shoes designed for running, the truth is that they look great with a dress or everyday clothes. The technology behind the shoe never fails to impress. Here is a description of what they use to elevate performance and comfort athletes. Enjoy exclusive reduction on the Footlocker discount code. 

  • Nike Zoom: It is a cushioning system that optimizes speed. 
  • Nike Free: They provide ease of movement and flexibility to high-performance athletes such as soccer players. 
  • Nike Flywire: They are a kind of filaments that aim to make tennis shoes lighter. 
  • Nike Lunarlon: They distribute the impact evenly and prevent injuries using soft foam. 

  1. Adidas 

Adidas is the second most important company in the world, specializing in sports articles and fashion. This brand sponsors and is a supplier to the World Cup. Its sports shoes for golf, tennis, skateboarding, and soccer prove its models’ versatility. 

In terms of the brand shoes for men, Adidas is the closest competitor of the previous one. Their models are characterized by fitting perfectly to the foot, so you can use them to run or walk with style and comfort. 90% of its clothing is made of synthetic materials and is covered in some sections with fabric. They are very flexible, and their rubber sole is enhanced with a 2-centimeter platform. Unlock the exciting offer on the Footlocker discount code. 

  1. New Balance

New Balance’s success lies in finding solutions to athletic footwear challenges through advanced technology. The company has support experts, cushioning, and comfort. Globally, New Balance is the brand for professional runners and athletes like basketball player Kawhi Leonard. 

Their models are used to train and do high-intensity exercises. They have an elastic fabric that provides comfort and adapts to the foot. These men’s sports shoes are made with resistant and highly durable materials. The sole is padded and has the brand’s rebound technology. The shoes fit well with clothing for young men who like healthy lifestyles. Do not forget to take advantage of our Footlocker discount code. 

  1. Reebok

The English brand has been famous for many years for its variety of styles in sport’s shoes for men. Reebok has models that adapt to high-impact activities, training in the gym, walking, and running. This company sponsors teams in different sports disciplines and Olympic champions. It is recognized worldwide as one of the best brands. 

These shoes are characterized by their classic style. The most popular model is white and caramel, but you can also get them in black and green. They are made with very flexible materials that mold to the foot. They are prepared for medium-intensity exercises. 

They are ideal for those who want to maintain elegance and simplicity in their daily outfits since they can be combined with casual men’s clothing. 

  1. Puma  

Puma cannot be missing from the top brands of sports shoes for men. Its importance can be seen in its support to soccer as a sponsor of important teams in Europe and Latin America. In addition, it is associated with several celebrities to produce lines of clothing and accessories. Their experience has made them pioneers in the spectrum of men’s sportswear.

These are the best sports shoes for men to buy if you exercise outdoors. Its attractive design incorporates technology to maintain stability as you move. They are characterized by having hexagonal cells that are pressed and used in intense training. 

In short, you already know more about the benefits of the best brands in sport’s shoes for men. Plus, they add a relaxed vibe that looks great with different clothing styles. So, take the risk of complementing your outfit with the sporty style to walk well groomed daily. Check out massive savings on the Footlocker discount code. 

Looks with sportswear, the trend that sweeps

Sports shoes adapt to the most comfortable and fun trends and have the latest technology available for running, fitness, soccer, etc. This type of footwear did not exist in the past, and athletes practiced their specialties barefoot.

Fashion has changed a lot for us. Now you can be much more versatile. This is great as it allows us to be trendy and comfortable. You no longer have always to be elegant, far from it. Now sportswear can become the perfect accessory for any occasion. We show you the best looks with sportswear. 

You can choose any sportswear at Footlocker since there are a wide variety of t-shirts, leggings, and sports shoes to create comfortable looks that are undoubtedly trendy. 

You can be part of the athleisure at any time. 

It’s very simple. It’s about wearing sportswear at all times, without complications. Everything is simple and based on comfort; sports shoes, sweatshirts, leggings, and other pieces made so you can exercise (but not only for that). 

It is a casual fashion that you can wear to classes, work, lunch, the movies, or any meeting with your friends. 

Looks with sportswear Black is a color that does not fail. Regardless of the garment, you are going to wear. It will always be there to be your ally. Now, if you want to be part of sports fashion, then some good skinny pants or leggings will be perfect for you, no matter the time, they will be great! 

Elegance is in black and white.

If you are going to a night party, you do not have to wear a super dress. It will be enough for you to wear a white t-shirt and black leggings and boots. You can be sure that you will succeed. Enjoy festive deals on the Footlocker discount code. 

Plaid shirt + leggings, super trend 

A good plaid shirt can solve a casual look. Now, combining it with leggings is a great idea so you can have a rock and comfortable style. You will be the center of attention since your look will seem to come out of any ’90s teen series. 

When one of my passions is running, it is essential to find good shoes. Some shoes must respond to basic needs such as stability, cushioning, or flexibility. That is why it is necessary to invest significant amounts of money to create sophisticated shoes where stability and other factors differ. Each runner has goals and brands in which eight factors influence more. Stability is one of those elements that are critical to both a runner’s health and effectiveness.

As for running shoes for women, they differ from those for men, so they are lighter and adapt perfectly to the size of the female foot, both in width and length. The most prestigious sports brands have studied female footsteps and created specific models for women. Plan a lightweight shoe with good cushioning and good flexibility. It will be the best way for our runners to avoid visits to the physiotherapist. 


Now you know how to apply the most up-to-date sports trend to your style; good sportswear is perfect for many occasions, so it will help you to adapt it to any occasion. Also, the combinations are almost endless; you have a lot to choose from. Save big with the Footlocker discount code.

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