How To Choose Western Saddles For Sale In The UK

Are you looking for western saddles for sale UK? The harness is the most important item of equestrian equipment. It allows you to ride the horse and guide it efficiently comfortably. It is the immediate connection between the horse’s back and the rider. It plays a key role in the proper transfer of information so that you can communicate with the horse. 

The saddle is a necessary piece of equipment for you to practice horse riding safely – the properly adjusted saddle protects the horse’s back. Western saddles consist of elements adapted to the anatomical shapes of the horse and the rider. That makes horseback riding an enjoyable and passionate experience for both rider and horse.

How to choose a saddle

The jumping saddle is designed for show jumping. The structure of the jump chair allows the rider a proper leg position, one that allows for dynamic increases during jumps. The shorter fins allow a suitable angle of the bent knees, much larger than in other disciplines. The seat is shallow or medium shallow, allowing the rider to sit half or lightly sit in the saddle. A characteristic element of the jumping chair is its square overhang.

How to choose a dressage saddle

Dressage saddle has a deeper shaft, large knee and thigh blocks of various shapes, lengths, and widths. The position of the dressage rider could be described as opposite to that of the jumping rider: it is a straight position in the saddle. In such a position, the rider has a much smaller angle when bending the knees.

5 Tips for Choosing Western Saddles for Sale UK

Here are some tips to discover the best western saddles for sale in the UK.

  1. Know what style you are looking for.

Depending on what type of sport you and your horseplay will generally determine the type of saddle you buy. Different activities like dressage, jumping, or saddle classes will require different types of saddles.

If you take your horse for a walk on the trail, a western saddle will most likely suit your needs better. However, if you will make an occasional jump during your trail ride, a general-purpose saddle might work for you too.

  • Look at the materials.

The options these days are not what they used to be. The available materials to choose from are leather and synthetic. When synthetic was first introduced, it mostly came in bright colors that made it untraditional for display. Now synthetic saddles come in very natural and traditional leather and suede materials.

Synthetic saddles are much lighter, easier to clean, and initially cost much less than a leather saddle. A synthetic is also an excellent option if you are looking for a more variety of colors in your saddle. However, synthetic saddles do not have the same longevity as leather saddles.

  • Get a perfect fit

Making sure the saddle fits both the horse and the rider should be a number one priority. When a saddle does not fit properly, it can cause many health and training problems with the horse and posture problems for the rider.

  • Measurements of a horse saddle

The search for the perfect fit has to do mainly with the throat of the saddle. Ensuring the width of the esophagus is appropriate will avoid any pinching or discomfort for your horse. You will also have to re-consider the shape of your horses. A rider must also ensure that they fit into the saddle so that they can maintain their position.

  • Measures of a horse saddle:

Measuring the withers of your horse can be quite easy! This is what you will need:

  • Wire (a wire hanger would work)
  • Paper or cardboard
  • Marker or writing utensil


  • Bend the wire over the horse’s withers
  • The cable will be placed 2″ behind the horse’s shoulder blade.
  • Bend the wire so that it is over the horse’s withers and against the horse’s skin.
  • Carefully remove the wire so that it does not bend the shape it had formed.
  • Lay the wire on paper or cardboard and trace it around the inside of the wire.
  • Please note that depending on the size of your horse, you may need to use two sheets of paper.
  • Once you have traced the wire/wilt formation, you will accurately measure the cross. Wilt also provides you with esophagus measurements. Each saddle comes with a specific throat size. The throat size represents the width of the withers and shoulders of the horse. The width of the esophagus will help you find the best saddle that will fit your horse correctly.

Parts of a western saddle:

  • Horn:

Western saddles for sale in the UK are most easily identified by their horns. The horn is placed on top of the pommel at the front of the saddle. The traditional purpose of the funnel is to provide additional support for the rider and use it as a place for ties and other equipment.

  • Knob:

Also known as the swell, the pommel is where the saddle tree bars meet at the front of the chair. It serves as the base for the horn of a western saddle.

  • Cantle:

Structurally, the cantle provides an anchoring position for the tree at the rear of the saddle. It also forms the back of the seat.

  • Seat:

The seat of a western saddle is the part that the rider sits on while mounted. It is located directly on the saddle.

  • Horse rider:

Most western saddles have two riders, one at the front and one at the rear. They are pieces of leather that separate the rigging and the seat of the chair. The basic function of the rider is to prevent the rider’s body from coming into contact with the saddle rigging while riding.

  • Rig:

The rigging on your western saddle includes webbing, depth rings, billets, and webbing straps. These pieces are used to hold the saddle on the horse along with the girth.

  • Skirt:

The saddle skirt surrounds its base to create a flat bottom that allows the saddle to sit comfortably and evenly on the back of a horse.

Order western saddles for sale in the UK

Western saddles for sale UK are often selected with a particular horse in mind. If your horse is relatively small or young, you will look for a lighter and smaller saddle. In contrast, larger horses can handle heavier saddles more easily.

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