Research paper writing-Do’s and Don’ts

Let’s just admit first, research paper writing is NOT easy.

It is a VERY extraneous and tiring task.


It is a necessary evil for completing the Ph.D. program.

A research paper is a scientific academic essay that is based on analysis, interpretation, and argument. It is written by conducting in-depth independent research. It is an academic obligation to become a successful Ph.D. student to conduct research and write a research paper on the selected topic.

A research paper works as written proof of academic accomplishments. It is accepted as a written accumulation of knowledge and expertise achieved throughout the entirety of the educational program.

Research paper writing has strict rules which are a must to follow. If the rules are ignored or disregarded, it automatically decreases the quality and authenticity of all the researched work.

An explicit guide can be made to remember and follow the important dos and don’ts of research paper writing. This post will be sufficient in supplying those important dos and don’ts and saving you the hassle.

These must do’s and don’ts of research paper writing will make sure that your hard work of months is not represented immaturely and gains the respect and praise your zealously researched work deserve.

The Dos

Follow the dos to skillfully write a proper research paper.

1.     Correct format

It is essential to thoroughly research the format required for the research paper. You should have complete knowledge of the format used by your educational institute. Make sure to properly follow the research paper format.

2.     Clear Cut Writing

Make sure the writing is not sprinkled with proverbs and idioms. The research paper is not a fictional story and it should not be written as one. Writing funny jokes and sentences will not present you as a serious researcher.

3.     Straight Approach, No Ambiguity

Research paper writing is only based on hard researched facts. The writing should be precise and not promote ambiguity. The reader must not feel the need to figure out the facts. The facts should be presented meticulously.

4.     Only True Facts

The research paper must only consist of relevant researches relating to the topic. Do not cite false information. Made-up researches will discredit your work and automatically bring down the authenticity of your work.

5.     Justification

Justify your research results by providing factual reasons. Reasons should not be your own hypothetical justifications of the research. They should be well-researched facts based on previous studies.

6.     Referencing

Referencing your work is the most important part of research paper writing. Not referencing the cited researches, studies and facts can nullify the research paper. Wasting all the hard effort you have made.

The Don’ts

Follow the step below to steer clear of blundering don’ts of research paper writing.

1.     No Unnecessary Details

The research papers should only include topic-relevant information. Even if all the provided information is correct and properly cited, unconnected details from the topic are not tolerated in research papers.

2.      Don’t Use Pronouns

The research paper should not be filled with pronouns such as “I, we, us, my”. This practice shows that the results and conclusions of your paper are based on your assumed concepts and not the well-researched facts. Instead of using pronouns, use generalizing nouns.

3.     Plagiarism

Never copy paste and present someone else works as you own. Plagiarism in a research paper is a serious offense. It will permanently discredit you as a researcher. It will also put your past research work in danger of scrutiny.

4.      Don’t Deviate

Keep focused on the topic of the research paper and don’t deviate from it. It is easy to get sidetracked when bombarded with new and interesting knowledge. Don’t pay attention to subtopics unrelated to your paper and stay focused on your track.

5.      Avoid Jargon

Use scientific terms to better introduce your research but don’t get carried away and place too many difficult terminologies. Avoid jargon so even a person not an expert in your field is also capable of understanding your research paper.

6.     Evade Wikipedia

Never use Wikipedia as the source of information. The information on Wikipedia can be edited by anyone which reduces its authenticity. If you cite information from Wikipedia it will also reduce the reliability of your research paper.

Final Thoughts

Once you comprehend and ensure to follow the dos and avoid the don’ts, writing a research paper successfully will be easy. These guidelines will keep you on the straight path.

After strictly keeping to the dos and don’ts, your research paper will be perfect enough to as compared to any research paper written by a top assignment writing service or research projects. Achieving an A in your paper will be straightforward and effortless.

And you will be able to triumphantly flaunt your accomplishments to everyone.

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