How To Safely Plan Your Summer Vacation

While every day we look at the news to see in what phase our area of residence is, still pending of when it will be possible to travel between provinces, we all look for how to plan a vacation that gives us some relief from the past months of stress, fear, and uncertainty. Today, from Blue Sea Holidays, we tell you how to choose this year’s holidays safely. Plan your summer breaks with our handy tips and offers! Enjoy up to 40% off selected stays with the Blue Sea Holidays discount code.

Let’s get started!

We all long a return to normalcy and a vacation similar to the past, leaving our daily lives behind to escape our routine for a few days. Unfortunately, this virus is not going away anytime soon, and therefore the question of where to go this summer is still difficult to answer.

This will be an atypical summer in Spain.

Yes! Deciding whether or not we will travel this summer is currently a big question for most of us. We are not going to advise anyone to book a flight now, but also not tell anyone to stay home. Those are decisions that each one must make depending on their general health, financial situation, and fear or tolerance for risk—worried about Covid test expenses? Here you go!  Get 50% off Covid PCR Tests with the Blue Sea Holidays voucher code.

Although everything seems correct, anyone can be infected in any country in the world. Although the health and hospitals of a destination are fine, everything can change at any time. For this reason, only one can decide to travel or not, where to go depending on the pandemic.

Now the borders of the touristic countries have begun to open up, competing to attract those tourists or travelers looking for a break. Choosing to stay in our province, travel to the coasts, or go abroad is an important issue in which we risk our rest and the possibility of facing a serious illness.

Plan it all!

Before traveling, you have to make sure if you can move around the chosen destination or be obliged to respect 14-day quarantine before being able to move freely. This is how it is stipulated today in most states of the countries or many other destinations worldwide.

It seems that these precautions will not be lifted until September, so choosing a trip in which we do not have it guaranteed can be a big expense and then stay in the hotel without being able to leave the room. It can be hell for those who opt for family vacations and only have a week or two. Do not think much since Blue Sea Holidays has got you covered with Low Deposits from £49pp. Use the Blue Sea Holidays discount code.

Also, what we expect may not be the same as what we find. 

Will the restaurants be open? Can we have a drink on the beach? Will it be necessary to wear a mask and gloves in hot areas? Do you have to make reservations to go to a beach or to eat out? Are the beaches and parks open? Are the restrooms open, are there lifeguards, and are there capacity limitations? There are many things to know before you go.

Is it a safe destination? Is there Covid free?

How safe is a destination? That is the question. The best option before booking is to consult the website for official information on covid-19 in the health department of the destination that we are going to choose. Lately, we already know what data are interesting, trends, hospitalized patients, the existence of ICU, etc. For huge savings, use the Blue Sea Holidays voucher code.

How to get to the destination?

Choosing the means of transport to reach our destination is also an important question. Due to the risks of taking air travel or using the railroad, many people are looking for trips that can be reached using their vehicle or car.

This reduces the risks of getting infected in public transport. However, our options are limited to traveling within Spain or visiting nearby countries that we can reach by car, such as France, Andorra, or Portugal. In the same way, caravans are gaining strength, combining means of transport and accommodation in a single-vehicle.

What types of trips should you plan?

We can’t imagine being on a cruise or planning a theme park trip right now. Right now, Blue Sea Holidays suggest thinking that a more or less intimate trip with little interaction with others is the best choice. 

  • Trips to rural areas, thinking about excursions, or hiking also seem an option in which social distance will be easier to maintain than if we choose beach and night tourism. We will be almost obliged to interact with others—bookwith Blue Sea Holidays discount code for additional savings.
  • Regarding the accommodation, we can rent houses or stay in a hotel, regardless of the option of the motorhome. In renting a house, it may be advisable to do a good initial cleaning upon arrival, to be more relaxed. It is preferable to choose one with a kitchen if we choose to cook on vacation if the catering offer is not enough in the city. 
  • Inns and bed and breakfast accommodation can be a good option, talking with the owners to make sure the theme of breakfasts has been organized and how relationships with other guests are limited.

Finally, you can also rent a boat for the family, with or without a skipper. Or travel to a floating house like those on Lake Alqueva, where isolation is practically guaranteed. Book your summer break today! Enjoy up to 40% off on the Blue Sea Holidays voucher code.

Check What’s Open

With all these considerations, you may be able to plan a summer vacation for the next few months? It may be wise to continue waiting for news and dedicate ourselves only to “fooling around” to look for possibilities that we will specify later.

How to plan a cheap holiday with Blue Sea Holidays 

Our objective is ‘low cost’ summer. We know that this year our concept of holidays changes. But also how to enjoy a change of scenery for a little Covid-19, confinement, and quarantine have left us given a different summer and for many reasons. The most prominent is that we do not know very well how we can move. But the economic situation also makes us rethink the budget that we can invest in the summer. So this year’s holidays will be low cost for many. We have wondered how cheap vacations are planned: where to cut back, how much can be saved, what can we do. Without a doubt, this topic interests us all. In addition, we love the discounts we have for you here. Check the Blue Sea Holidays discount code for up to 40% off on selected summer breaks. 

Blue Sea Holidays: travel better and cheaper!

How to plan a low-cost holiday? To begin with, this year it is a good idea to be clear that travel in our country will help hotels and restaurants to recover from the post-Covid stoppage. Consider discovering Spain and its corners on your holidays as a couple or with children. We are going to think that in this way, you also save on travel costs because you can always use the car instead of the plane to move, do it by bus or train without investing hours and hours in the trip. Accommodation and transportation are the categories that account for most of the budget for vacations.

The average expenditure for the Spanish holidays for the 2019 summer holidays was 2,034 euros, according to the report “outlook and forecasts for the summer holidays 2019”. Save up to 50% off Winter Sun Holidays when you use our Blue Sea Holidays voucher code.

Extra cheap holidays

We have in mind all those who have lost their jobs or have had their income reduced. It is time to think about enjoying our house, the community pools, the municipal ones in the neighborhood where you live, visiting friends with pools. But if you have a terrace or patio, even a garden, it may be time to add a removable pool to your outdoor space or a shower. 

The first ones are more expensive, but they guarantee the dip. In this way, you can even invite your family and friends to a pool and barbecue day. You will have the best company, a very summery different plan and for a low price. You do not need any special device or prior authorization for installation. It is enough that the ground is level. 

  • Put a removable pool at home (because it is fast and you will have it ready for the summer, without works).
  • Install a shower outside (to cool off when you sunbathe)—thinking of designs that connect to a water intake with a hose. No works.

Weather Check 

The pool will take you from a few hours for the inflatables to a day for a removable one. The shower will be ready to use in 10 minutes if you opt for a tripod type or in an hour for those that require fixing to the floor.

Low Cost

If you stay at home this summer, invest in preparing that outdoor space to enjoy and share. You will surely take advantage of it for a long time. Staying where one resides allows us to discover it better. There are always nearby areas that allow us to make routes or day trips -perfect for changing scenes and disconnecting on a cheap vacation with children-; reach them even by train to save gas; rivers or lakes to spend a different day.

The Internet is there to help us discover all those proposals and places precisely. Through Blue Sea Holidays plans and even from the same page of the town hall of the neighboring towns, you can plan the best summer break. Click on the Blue Sea Holidays discount code for exclusive offers. 

How much does a getaway cost in the day? 

  • Calculate the money involved in the trip: gas, bus, or train. 
  • The site’s entrance is a museum or a limited outdoor space such as some natural pools. You will save if there is no entry because it is a river, for example.
  • Think about food. If you take it from home, you will save the restaurant (€ 15 / menu) or sandwich and drink (€ 6 / person).
  • Even the largest cities have disconnection options within a few kilometers so that you can plan a different day with a round trip home on the same day. And, of course, think about visiting museums and places in your city that you only think is reserved for foreign tourists.
  • For the exhibitions, this summer you will have to look closely at the capacity and schedules. Save more with the Blue Sea Holidays voucher code. 

Low-cost holiday getaways with Blue Sea Holidays 

If you are one of those who want to go out this summer on vacation, we will detail how you can plan them on a low budget. Adapt your plan according to traveling alone or with children:

Visit friends and family who have second homes: This year may be the time to extend your stay in those houses that you usually visit only a few days in summer. In this way, you save accommodation in a hotel or hostel. You can save between € 40-150 / night, depending on the type of establishment and its category.

Think of the campsites: It is always a way to contact nature and for a lower price than in a hotel. Planning a low-cost vacation in this way will be a lot of fun. There are campsites of different categories. In them, you can sleep in a tent, motorhome, or bungalows, which become known as glamping. Some offer a price per pitch (including reserving a space of between 60 and 100 square meters for a car, tent or caravan. Check if it includes electricity or the stay). We have the best summer breaks and holiday plans. Choose the one that suits your budget. In addition, save more with the Blue Sea Holidays voucher code. 

Travel in a different way- holidays with a twist

 Travel by motorhome or van:

 It is linked to camping. It may be that you have it and you are already passionate about the freedom that this way of traveling gives you or that you can ask a friend for it. If you rent it, you will already have a higher expense; but you can still save a lot compared to the price you pay for hotel accommodation. Think that you have to know the places where you can camp with a motorhome or van. The basic price of the private areas for motorhomes is € 10-15 per motorhome/caravan and night (may have a supplement for electricity and water drainage).

  • Rent a 2,3 and 4 seater Camper in high season: from € 45 / day
  • Rent a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7-seater motorhome: from € 165 / day

Apartments for rent:

With an apartment, you have the accommodation but the possibility of organizing yourself in terms of meals. It gives you the option of preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner at home and thus avoids the expense of eating out every day of the summer vacation. You can prepare sandwiches or salads to go and spend the day outside. Something similar happens with an apartment hotel (opposite the hotel). Do you dare to plan your summer holidays with children like this year?

The aparthotel is usually more expensive than a hotel, but several people can coexist in the same space in the former. Aparthotels also include services similar to those that a hotel has and that a normal apartment does not include (such as room service, cleaning, reception, laundry …)

Hotels and apartments

In high season, a hotel in Spain has an average price per night of between € 100-200 depending on the area. Specifically, the average price of hotels in Spain in July 2019 was € 102.8. A tourist apartment costs between € 70-180

Cheap vacation plan: pilgrimage

Accommodation in hostels and pilgrimage is a plan you usually have in your head but never quite find the time. According to the National Geographic magazine, different Spanish universities are conducting a study to find out the psychological effects of the pilgrimage scientifically. “The (provisional) results indicate a reduction between 20% and 50% in stress, anxiety and depressive symptoms.” Perhaps this year, more than ever, this will come in handy for us.

Cheap accommodation in hostels

A hostel can cost between € 6 and € 10 a day, depending on the autonomous community or if the hostel is private, municipal, or parochial. The rental price of sheets and towels can add up to € 3 and € 2, respectively, per day.

Plan a bike vacation: Besides being a total green plan that will get you in shape, you will save the fuel of moving by car. Even if you move to a specific place on four wheels, then move on two. In Spain, we have more than 2,800 km of greenways. What do you think of the low-cost summer plan?

Opt for a home exchange: Find people like you who want to move and are willing to give you their house for a few days. It is about staying in their home in exchange for them to do it in yours. In this way, the accommodation will also be free.

Blue Sea Holidays recommendations for this summer

Keep in mind that to avoid contagions, it is advisable to avoid overcrowding, and this can be taken into account when planning your low-cost holidays. The place you go may be “somewhat more lost” than usual. Take the opportunity to think about beach places and visit the mountains, make routes on foot, and visit national parks that put before you vast tracts of land to make sightings and enjoy its flora and fauna.

Along these lines, you can think of accommodations that offer a retreat. It is what is known as slow travel. Rural hotels with a family and cozy atmosphere, with few rooms, in little crowded places. Many offer, in addition to the possibility of discovering the nearby environment, interesting workshops and courses.

And don’t forget that when you make a reservation, it is advisable to opt for the free cancellation fee. We offer Low Deposits from £49pp.So, what are you waiting for? Plan and save with the Blue Sea Holidays discount code. 

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