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As the world forges with overwhelmingly drastic changes and events, new dissertation topics are revealed every day to research and explore the mechanism of society. Students can focus on these new topics and create a solution in the daily lives of people and the organization.

Selecting a dissertation topic is not difficult, but confusing. This is major because the year has been one of the most dramatic years and therefore people have more and interesting number of topics to research on.  By publishing their dissertation or thesis based on the new viral topics, these students can become prominent in the field of research and academics.

Why Selecting a Dissertation Topic is Perplexing

This year will remain memorable because of the events that occurred globally. The most drastic was the COVID-19 pandemic which forced the world to be locked in their homes and opt for more technological means. The concept of work of home was mainstreamed for the first time.

The world faced a new form of economic crisis, hence giving rise to problems that we have never faced before. The Coronavirsurus pandemic alone was the cornerstone of the unusual wave of events. Therefore with an abundance of dissertation topics to research on, it’s quite confusing to select one particular topic. 

5 best topics Category for Dissertation

With ample availability of new topics, one does not need to pay for dissertation or thesis ideas. Below are some of the best categories and their topics for dissertation students to aim at.

1.      Marketing Dissertation Topics

Marketing has witnessed a major changer in the year. With pollical movements such as “ Black Lives Matter” to making awareness of virtual fashion and award shows as well as virtual concerts for the first time in the world.  Marketing dissertation topics should be about how brands managed to market a new version of their ideas which were related to society’s survival during the fatal pandemic.  How the organizations changed their approach and which marketing strategy turned out to be the most profitable.  Students can observe on social media and realize the perceived difference in their favorite brand’s pages and differentiate between the new and old marketing tactics and conduct a dissertation on their prolificness.

2.      Management Dissertation Topics

As the Pandemic hit, organizational management was unwillingly involved in changing the whole management of structure and operations. Project Management dissertation topics should highly be a focus on how the concept of work from home affected the performance of employees and whether it was the result orienting. Students can select a topic in which they would compare and differentiate digital or virtual meetings from the traditional ones.

3.      Education Dissertation Topics

The way education is delivered has been completely transformed. A number of schools and higher education institutions were pushed towards remote learning which exposed several glitches and flaws both for the students and the teachers. Universities used to spend not more than 5% of their budget on IT. Considering a dissertation on an education-related topic would be concerning food for thought for society. The topic would be aiming at e-learning vs traditional education systems or separately analyzing the remote-learning concept and exploring whether it is an effective strategy to educate the masses or not.

4.      Psychological Dissertation Topics

Billions of people were quarantined for 4 to 5 months during the pandemic. During this period, a massive wave of mental illness struck young adults and teenagers while they were confined in their homes. Any dissertation topic based on the psychological impact felt by the younger generation during this pandemic would be very insightful and eye-opening. The topic can also be a comparison between different stress management strategies suggested by various psychiatrists. Topics regarding mental health are more likely to be sound interesting t the research bodies.

5.      Technology Dissertation Topics

The technology was already a backbone of diverse developments, during the pandemic, it became the oxygen for different organizations and brands to operate successfully. From professional t personal, technology was being implied everywhere and now had become a vital part of our lives. There’s already a plethora of technology-related topics for thesis and dissertation, but focusing on the new topic which has something to do with the coronavirus would be notable and esteemed. Some of the viral technology dissertation topics could be comparing pre and the pro pandemic world concerning the increase of AI usage. 

The Crux

The emergence of new dissertation topics has opened opportunities for the Master’s and Doctorate level students to conduct research on something appealing to the mind and which might have a scope in the future.  Selecting a dissertation topic from any of the above fields regarding the mentioned issue is likely to ignite interest and increase the chances of acceptance.

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