How Much Should I Charge For Writing Product Description

When surfing in the realms of the online shopping world, most of you must have come across many product descriptions. As the name itself suggests, a product description is something that describes the product, tells you about the type of product, its benefits, and basically everything that would inform the potential customer about the product’s propositional value.

Pss. It Is Not A Piece Of Cake!

While many may think product description is something rather easy and effortless, it is not true. Copywriters have to be very creative with product descriptions because they basically have the responsibility of increasing the sales of a product just by writing about it. If your business has an online presence, product description is the best opportunity to provide your customers with an in-store online experience. You can even attract those customers who look up online before actually buying in store.

When one writes for the customers, aims at what the customers might find attractive and worth purchasing, then only, a quality product description could be produced.

How Much Should You Charge?

There goes a lot of thought into how much one should charge for their product descriptions. It varies from writer to writer. Experience in copywriting is also a significant determinant of efficiently setting your charges. Once you have the experience of working in the world of copywriting, you can raise your charges accordingly. While charging for your product description, the following things should be kept in mind;


Quality is a crucial aspect of satisfying your customers along with preserving loyalty. When a business looks for a product description writing company, one thing that they prioritize the most is quality. It should never be compromised. If you are a writer who can produce great quality descriptions, you should definitely charge for it. But first, let the company get a glimpse of your work by offering one or two samples. When they are aware of the fact that your writings are of quality, they won’t let you go. Now that they are impressed, the ball is in your court, make them pay accordingly.

Know Your Customers:

When charging for product descriptions you should first be familiar with the company. Are they a big fancy company or a small-scale business? If it is the second scenario, then you cannot charge extravagant fees for your descriptions. They would want someone to write for them cheap and conveniently.

What Do You Want More; The Job or The Money??

Sometimes writers want a certain opportunity so that they can add it to their portfolio while others are concerned solely with the money it is going to pay. You should weigh out your priorities and then decide what charges you are going to set. Are you okay with losing a project if it doesn’t pay well?

How Rare Is Your Creation?

One factor that determines how striking your product is its uniqueness. Its worth in the market is defined by how rare it is. When a potential customer surfs through the internet, they come across a plethora of product descriptions, if your description succeeds in standing out amongst the lot, then you, my friend, are going to get it.

Charge for Words:

Words are of value. An efficient way to make more money in copywriting business is charging for each word. Product descriptions are barely two to three lines, if you charge for each word you can make a good amount of money. However, when you are writing for a brand and you understand their brand voice and can write more swiftly, you can charge per description.

Look For The Opportunity Cost:

Ask yourself this question; is the project worthwhile?? If you undertake this project, would you miss out on other comparatively better projects in the time? If so, go for the best option.

You’ll get there!!

If you have just stepped into the world of copywriting, you shouldn’t put forward a pricey demand right away. When Susan Johnston started, she used to charge as much as 3$ per description, now she gets paid up to 18$ per description. She said once you are familiar with the companies brand or voice, you can write more quickly and efficiently. As your content approves, you can charge more for it.

Final Thoughts:

An eCommerce product description writer should always deemphasize their charges, tell the company why you are charging, what you are charging! Tell them about the quality of your work, make them know how creative you are. Again, if you sense the company is shopping around or is doubtful, offer them your samples, make them aware of your potential. You have to put yourself out there if you want the project. If you keep in mind those things, copywriting is a pretty profitable field of work.

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